Supporting students in their education is the mission of Elevate Tutoring

How to receive free tutoring

If you or someone you know (your child, student, etc.) are in need of tutoring, Elevate Tutoring may be able to provide free 1:1 tutoring for you. As part of the Tutor Training Program, our Tutors each provide two hours of free math and/or science tutoring per week to financially in-need middle and high school students in the Bay Area.

Elevate Tutoring provides support to financially disadvantaged individuals/families. When applying, please be prepared to explain why you or your student qualifies. Reasons may include family income is below the county median level, student qualifies for free/reduced lunch, etc.

You must complete and submit the form online through the link below. Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

School Tutoring

Elevate provides free STEM tutoring through partnerships with local schools and organizations who welcome Elevate Tutor Fellows into their classrooms weekly to provide free tutoring to financially in-need students. Elevate Tutor Fellows are able to support classrooms, office hours, after school programs, and private 1:1 tutoring opportunities at our partner sites.

  • Elevate Tutoring targets partnerships with schools and organizations who work with a student population of at least 75% socioeconomically disadvantaged (SED) students. We place our Tutor Fellows with in-need students who will benefit from the experience of learning and receiving STEM tutoring from Tutor Fellows who represent similar ethnic, socioeconomic, and social communities.
  • Additionally, we provide less formal referral partnership opportunities. If you want to refer middle and high school students for 1:1 tutoring or recommend Tutor Fellow applicants for our program, we can establish a referral partnership to track any student tutoring hours or applicants received.

To learn more about becoming an Elevate Tutoring Partner or to schedule an initial informational meeting, please email i[email protected] and an Elevate staff member will be in touch with you soon.

Hire a Tutor

Elevate Tutor Fellow Alumni are available for paid STEM tutoring opportunities. Students or their parents can request to hire an Elevate Tutor Fellow Alum for weekly sessions.
There are multiple benefits to this opportunity:
1) Experience: Our Tutor Fellow Alumni have delivered 150 hours of tutoring and received 60 hours of training and professional development! They are well trained and have substantial experience working with middle and high school students in STEM subjects.
2) Competitive rates: While other private tutors can charge up to ~$120/hour, Elevate’s hourly rate is significantly lower while maintaining a high quality of tutoring received.
3) Support those in need: The fees that you pay for tutoring will go directly to your Tutor Fellow, with a portion going back into the scholarship program to help support the next class of in-need scholars. Thus, a portion of your fee is considered to be a tax deductible donation.

After completing and submitting the form online, our Program Manager will reach out via email with information regarding the assigned Tutor Fellow Alum and begin the process of scheduling tutoring sessions.