Elevate Tutors are highly qualified, yet underserved college students who are selected to the Elevate Tutor Training Program. They receive a total of 55 hours of tutor training and a $5,500 scholarship while providing 155 hours of free tutoring to low income middle and high school students. Tutors participate in the program for six hours per week for approximately one and a half academic years. The program starts with three weeks of intensive training (18 hours total), then tutors transition to a standard schedule that includes 75% tutoring and 25% training. Scholarships are distributed throughout the year, and tutors must complete the full allotment of training and tutoring to receive the full scholarship amount.

Elevate Tutors aren’t relearning the basics of algebra or geometry during the Elevate Tutoring Training Program. They are learning how to communicate, emphasize, step back and teach a Tutee how to succeed in life. They are learning a growth mindset perspective that one’s abilities, specifically in understanding and applying new material, can be developed through effort and embracing challenges.

And this is where the other and equally important group of students receive the impact of Elevate. Underserved middle and high school students through partnership organizations are provided with free STEM based tutoring. Either in the classroom setting to support a teacher, or one-on-one in after school program and teacher’s office hours, Elevate tutors sit across the table from the Tutee’s. The Tutors and the Tutees immediately click. They know each other, even though they don’t. They have both seen the same struggles of family, obstacles of lesser education and the same desire to breakout and succeed. This is the magic of Elevate Tutoring.

Elevate Tutoring’s Model

Elevate Tutors (financially disadvantaged Bay Area college students):

• Training: receive the 55 hours of training from experienced educator
• Experience: provide 155 hours of free math/science tutoring
• Financial Support: receive $5,550 scholarships for year-long efforts

Middle / High School Students (financially disadvantaged):

• On the receiving end of the free tutoring