In March 2011, Dr. Bob Schaffer strove to combine his passion for improving education for underserved communities with his unique experience in teaching others how to teach and tutor. Elevate has grown to welcome 28 new Fellows per year and continually adds new resources to support our Tutor Fellows.

Elevate Tutoring’s unique two-tiered model is the result of over ten-years of assessing the vast needs of students K-12 and beyond. Our hope is to address the issue of inequity in education by helping middle, high school, and college students on the path to-and-through college. Our Tutor Fellows - first-generation college students, located in and near San Jose, CA - spearhead the work in the community by providing free STEM tutoring to their younger peers at our partner sites across the Bay Area.

Elevate Tutoring’s Model

Our model allows for local K-12 students to receive free, high-quality STEM tutoring from tutors who they can relate to, while those tutors also earn a scholarship to help them continue on their higher education journey. Our Tutor Fellows possess an intrinsic understanding of their students’ life experiences, as they were in the same shoes as their students not so long ago, and have an acute ability to empathize and relate to them. Our Fellows act as role models for their students, helping local socioeconomically-disadvantaged students see themselves as future college students, providing students with a unique opportunity to learn from someone who looks like them and has had similar experiences—empowering them to connect and build a rapport often unattainable in classrooms where the majority of teachers are white.