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Tutor Training Scholarship Program Application Information

Thank you for your interest in the 2014-2015 Tutor Training Scholarship Program. Information about the program is below.

Training Program Details

Overview: Students accepted into the program will receive a $5,555 scholarship ($26.50/hour for the time put in) and will work to develop and improve their tutoring skills for an academic year. As part of your experience component, you will have the unique opportunity to be a mentor and role model for in-need middle and high school students.

Students accepted to the 2014-2015 program will receive:

  • * a $5,555 scholarship
  • * 60 hours of classroom training
  • * 150 hours of tutoring experience

2014-2015 Program and Application Timeline

9/15 Application posted
10/4, 11:59pm Application deadline extended!
10/5 Applicants will receive an email to tell them whether they have advanced to the interview stage of the application process
10/7 Due date for interviewees to confirm availability and interview schedule
10/9-11 Interviews held
10/20 Interviewees will be notified as to whether they have been accepted into the 2014-2015 program
late October Training begins
mid November Tutoring begins and training continues

Requirements and Ideal Attributes

Applicants must be:

  1. 1) a financially underprivileged college student with at least 1.5 years of college remaining
  2. 2) able to commit at least 6 hours/week from October 2014 until program hours are completed (ideally through the end of Fall 2015, flexible on a case-by-case basis)
  3. 3) comfortable with math (at least to the level of Algebra) and/or science (General Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics)

In addition, the ideal applicant is academically strong, lives close to Santa Clara/San Jose (training and tutoring session will be held in this area), and is interested in teaching and giving back to the community. Students do not need to be math/science experts to apply. The training will focus on tutoring techniques, but will also provide some content review. Thus, it’s more important for applicants to be committed to the program and interested in tutoring/mentoring younger students than for applicants to be math/science experts (although, that certainly won’t hurt your application).

Note: Applicants who make it to the interview stage will be asked to provide employment and family tax information to verify financial need.

Please read the “About” page to learn about the program and consider the details and requirements below before clicking on the application link at the bottom of the page.


While we cannot predict this year’s response, we can tell you that we had about 50 applicants in each of the last two years and, in each case, interviewed about half of them. We plan to accept 6-9 students to this year’s program.