2012 Online Holiday Puzzle Hunt
Congratulations and welcome to Elevate Tutoring's 2012 Online Holiday Puzzle Hunt!

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Theme: The puzzles have a Christmas theme - my apologies to those that do not celebrate Christmas - I sincerely hope that you are still able to find these puzzles enjoyable.

Difficulty and Duration: The puzzles in this hunt are meant to be enjoyed by all. The experience is meant to take 1-2 hours. Those new to these types of puzzles may need to click on the free hints. Experienced puzzlers should get through hint-free in an hour or so.

Timing: The first puzzle will be posted at noon Pacific Time on Christmas Eve. Start whenever you'd like thereafter! For those who want their stats logged, start and solution times can be submitted as you play so your stats will be unaffected by your start time.

Code Sheet (only some of these codes will be used)
Cryptic Crossword Description (very useful for one of the puzzles)

Solutions and Hunt Logistics:
  • To participate, you'll need to get on the internet (to obtain the puzzles), the ability to read PDFs and, for one puzzle, the ability to print.
  • Each puzzle solves to one or two words or a number. To get to the next puzzle, go to http://www.elevatetutoring.org/ohph12/<solution>.html. For word(s), use lower-case.
  • Puzzles can be solved individually, in pairs, in groups... however you'd like! Maximize fun for you and yours!
  • Using the internet to help solve clues is allowed.
  • You never know when you might need already solved puzzles - keep them handy.
  • Nothing has been done to protect the website or it's directory listing. While I trust that all participants are smart enough to hack through the system - the puzzles that are meant to be solved are the ones that are being provided. It is acknowledged that many areas of this system can be gamed... but, as there are no prizes and this is for charity, this message is hopefully unnecessary.
A message from Bob:
I really hope you and your family enjoy these puzzles and that they add to your holidays. An equal goal is to expand awareness for Elevate Tutoring. While there is no registration fee - I will ask that if you and your family enjoy(ed) these puzzles, to please take a few minutes to look around this website to get an idea of the work that we are doing. If you and yours have the means to donate (again?), it would be very much appreciated. If you've already reached your personal limit for the year, enjoy this gift and keep us in mind next year. Also, please share this online hunt with others - just send them to the poem (so they can get to this page on their own)!
We are currently fundraising to support eight very deserving tutors this academic year and will soon be saving up for next year's tutors. Through our program and your donations, these students will each receive a $6500 scholarship and 75 hours of tutor training. Each tutor will also gain experience by providing 162 hours of free tutoring to financially in-need middle and high-school students (almost 1300 hours in all by June). This academic year's training program started on Oct. 30th and tutoring began on Nov. 26th. Thus far, these students have each received 19 hours of training and have provided a total of 70 hours of free tutoring.


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